Waterproof and moisture-proof coating for substrates

Fluorine coating product that can form a protective film on electronic materials and printed circuit boards.
It can be applied to various coating methods (dipping, spraying, brushing, etc.) and can form a thin film on a substrate by drying at room temperature. In addition, it is easy to handle due to its nonflammability and low toxicity.


  • Water-repellent
  • Moisture proof
  • Acid resistance
  • Prevention of sulfidation
  • Rust prevention (measures against salt damage)

Application examples

  • Waterproof and moisture-proof printed circuit boards
  • Prevention of sulfuration of LED substrates
  • Protection from acidic corrosive gas, substrate when lithium ion battery electrolyte leaks
  • Rust prevention (measures against salt damage)

Customize proposal

Proposals tailored to customer requirements are possible. In addition to the table below, we can customize the film thickness, concentration, solvent, etc. according to your needs and propose formulation with other materials.

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product numberSolid contentsolvent
NOVATECT a-2020%HFE7200/HFE7300
NOVATECT a-1010%HFE7200/HFE7300
NOVATECT a-55%HFE7200/HFE7300
NOVATECT a-22%HFE7200/HFE7300
NOVATECT a-020.2%HFE7200/HFE7300