Product introduction

We can propose coatings that meet your company’s needs based on commercialization experience in a wide range of fields, from electronic materials to building materials and consumer materials. In addition, we have advisors in each field, so we can propose solutions even in fields where we have little track record. In the future, we will further expand the range of application development by continuing product development beyond the scope of major products.

We can provide samples of hydrophilic coating, mold prevention / antibacterial coating.
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Hydrophilic coating

A hydrophilic film is formed on the coating surface, and functions such as prevention of dirt and fogging are added.

This is an industrial hydrophilic coating made from special materials with hydrophilic groups. By customization, it can be applied to various base materials and applications.

Assumed use:
Building materials (antifouling), automotive parts (antifouling, antifogging), kitchen area (antifouling), mirrors (antifogging), etc.

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Anti-mold / antibacterial coating

Protects interior materials and machines used in environments where mold and fungi are likely to propagate from mold and fungi.

It is an anti-mold / antibacterial coating mainly for industrial products. It can be applied to various base materials and can be applied to places where mold and fungi in high humidity environments are anxious. The application method can be widely applied such as spray painting and dipping.

Assumed use::
Building interior materials (anti-mold, anti-bacterial), home appliances (anti-mold, anti-bacterial)

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Development of coating agent according to user needs

We are continuously searching for new functional materials and developing coatings.
Since we can provide coatings and paint materials according to customer needs,
Please let us know your problems.

It is also possible to provide coating recipes to material manufacturers.